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Homo Materialis

Homo Materialis is a collection of works from 1996 that evolved into its final form in 2006.

Part of this series was presented at Mary Alexiou Athens Art Space gallery, in 2007. 


a 3d sculpture piece

    Amerikis str, 2007

  "The work of the painter Elia Iliadi came as a natural outcome of her intensive study of the human body and its multifaceted ways of expression and movement. Her studies are primarily influenced by the ancient Attic black-figure vessels  that date back to the 5th century B.C."

a series of monoprints

 Passengers III, 2004


Passengers II, 2004

a series of small works of acrylics on paper

  Passengers, 2005

a series of small works of acrylics on paper

  Passengers, 2005


       Men² I, 2004

a large scale painting

      Men² II, 2004

woodcut print

      Men², 2002

woodcut print

      Men², 2002


      Men², 2002


   The Kick, 1996

"Elia Iliadi is developing those figures , by adding up plastic qualities that perfectly match the timeless expressions of the human body. By allowing them to dwell in the third dimension, she manages to bridge the gap between painting and sculpture."


     Green, 2005

oil on canvas

    Black Box, 2004


       Man, 2004

small drawings
small drawings

   Drawings, 2004

"A corollary of this attitude is the opening-up of the human dimension, through this “key” of motion, where the element of texture, acting as a kind of human substance, place the figures outside of their otherwise flattened space."  

Mary Alexiou- Archaeologist/Art Historian


      Man II, 2005


      Man III, 2005


      Man IV, 2005

mixed media artwork

    Box, 2005


    Box II, 2005


    Untitled, 2004


      Boxes, 2005

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