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  The Red Apples

The Red Apples II, 2011

an installation of two columns with text and a pierced apple in the middle

The Red Apples were part of group exhibition Look At My Book, held at Art Prisma Gallery in Piraeus - Greece, in April of 2011 and curated by Marina Kanakakis.

The exhibition was dedicated to artist's books, as unique inτeractive objects of art. 

an installation of an artist book

The Red Apples I, 2011 

an installation of an artist book

The Red Apples I + II, 2011

A plexiglas white cube opens up to become a cross and reveal a red cube, consisting of 24 individual plexiglas cases including the work.

This is a 24-line poem and each line is an individual piece of work in its own right, while the text is part of the image synthesis. 

 The poem is read like going through a deck of cards and each page is placed on top of the other. This way, at he end the last page becomes first.

As the poem can also be read backwards , the work is now ready for the next viewer.  This signifies there is no beginning or end, just a circular motion of things.

The final installation consisted of 2 handwritten columns with the poem in its two forms and an apple sculpture in between.

For the needs of the exhibition, the 24 sheet cube was opened and organized in two rows of 12 works each.

a detail showing the pierced apple

The Red Apples Holder: Lena Drosaki

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