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   The Trout

The Trout was presented on group exhibition Eat It, held in Art Prisma Gallery in Piraeus - Greece, in June of 2011 and curated by Marina Kanakakis.

The theme of the exhibition was the relationship between art and food and how the  sensorial interaction creates a multidimensional artistic experience.


The concepts of nutrition and consumption are explored on a symbolic and literal level, creating a fantasy game between man and the world.

The piece consists of three parts:

...a life-size sculpture portraying the artist's hands holding a trout

paper sculpture showing two hands holding a trout

   The Trout, 2011

...a text in the form of a recipe, that links the sculpture to the dish

a recipe of trout mousse

The Recipe, 2011

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  He: Yiannis Stankoglou

 She: Marita Tzatzadaki

...a smoked trout mousse in the shape of hands, served by the artist during the exhibition's opening, offering the pleasure of tasting the forbidden.

trout mousse in the form of hands sitting on top of black ink sauce

The Dish, 2011

get the recipe

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