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I bloom a little more...

I bloom a little more... is part of a collaborative project between Elia Iliadi, Fotini Lambridi and Kostas Lambridis. A collection of 48 drawings was designed upon Fotini Labridi's poem "Fantasia" and 13 of them were included in a limited edition book. The publication was accompanied with a CD of Kostas Lambridi's, with music composed especially for the project and lyrics from the poem.

The exhibition and presentation of the edition was held at Municipal Gallery of Kallithea "Sofia Laskaridou" in 2007.

"Black ink, like the dark blood of a poetic sacrifice, engraves symbolic motives on innocent surfaces, like a personal tribute of honor. Women… Naked women, “parted” in two, black and white, split, with arms up in the air and hair disheveled…

...Breast, eye, hand, head, all, in the same time, emit their voices like signals. There are times when naked trees can be heard. Their dead leaves fly, following the birds, in order to paint, here and there, the sky…"


"...Those various sharp lines into the empty “theater” of a page _the branches, the movements, the hair, the expressions…_seem, all together and from afar, like small stars that keep alight traces of images, familiar to all of us… Small fragile lamps of collective memory made of paper."  Marina Kanakaki-Art Historian/Museologist

front cover of the book

Socratis Malamas: vocals

Maria Louka: vocals

Tassos Missirlis: chelo

Kyriakos Gouvendas: viola

Xenofon Symvoulidis: oboe

Giorgos Katsanos: piano, bandoneon

Sofia Mavrogenidou: flute

Dimitris Ikonomakis: bass

Kostas Lambridis: guitars, bass,


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