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Ιd is an interactive long durational performance that we will be presenting in Dafni Psychiatric Hospital between 29/9 - 30/10. It is part of the group exhibition reality check chapter II:inner sanctum, curated by Kostas Prapoglou.

Inspired by Freud's book "The Ego and the Id", this piece is an attempt to explore the dark, hedonistic part of human psyche.

The performance will be active during the exhibition's visiting hours and it is open to the public.

Participation is a key element to the final form of Id, since the visitors will provide the main material that will be turned gradually into an installation and shape the piece.


With me, in this materialisation process will be our Lab, a group of young talented artists from

the 'A Workshop of Athens School of Fine Arts.

These are:

Praxithea Aristidou

Athina Asimakopoulou

Marianta Dimitrakopoulou

Aggelos Kasolas

Anastasia Tsoutsouka

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